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The Student Prince - FayJay This was a fabulous read. I shouldn't have worried that my little knowledge of the Arthur legend comes from childhood movies and that I never watched the BBC show. Maybe it was even more enjoyable this way, since I didn't go around nitpicking over differences.

It was charming, well written, laugh out loud funny with lovable MCs, sizzling chemistry and great supporting characters (I want a Great Dragon!!!) If you love a good M/M fantasy romance, humor, lots of pop culture references, and an HEA (though the latter was a little implausible, but heck, it's a fairy tale, so I don't care), do yourself a favor and read this book.

I also have to learn once and for all that free online fiction can be well above average quality. I'm a bit wary every time I start one, which doesn't make sense considering that at least half of my top ten reads in 2012 have been free. And this year The Student Prince is the first book I'm giving five stars to.

Highly recommended!