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GR refugee trying to find her place...
Special Forces: Soldiers Part II -Director's Cut - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan Good thing that previous reviewers have already said what needed to be said about this book, because I don't think I have the English vocabulary to express how much I LOVED this story.

Did I have issues? Yes, sure, but I forgot them by the next page :) It was a sweeping, wonderful story with equally amazing, living, breathing characters.

Now I'm a bit torn between wanting more Vadim and Dan right now, and taking a break before Mercenaries, because I feel like I need a breather to prepare myself for what's to come (I read too many heavy spoilers for the next installments, which is very unlike me).

ETA: Just a tiny complaint from a Hungarian: Why the maiming of the name Sándor? If the character is Hungarian born, then he's definitely not a Szandor.